What to Do When Taking Elderlies on a Camping Trip?

Camping with elderly parents

Camping might be essentially for young people, but that doesn’t mean elderlies cannot enjoy such trips. They can have a relaxing and quiet time amidst the beauty of nature if you take them along on your camping trip. You can definitely bring along your elderly parents or grandparents with you, provided you follow some essential tips.

Here are some points that you should heed when you are including elderlies on a family camping trip:

  1. Proper Planning Prior to the Trip

For any camping trip, planning ahead and preparing is essential. When you are bringing elderly persons with you, it becomes even more important. While planning, make sure you select a campground which is near your home. This keeps you from traveling far. The campground you choose should also provide facilities to make your stay more comfortable and suitable. You must also be prepared to face unexpected situations like bad weather. A rain gear is a must in your backpack, as you would not want anyone to catch a cold by getting drenched in the rain.

  1. Make Sleeping Preparations which Provide Comfort

You and your kids might be able to sleep on rough grounds while tent camping, but that is not possible for your elderly family members. They might have special needs or might be suffering from different health problems like arthritis. It is thus necessary you make comfortable sleeping arrangements for them. Air mattresses are a good solution to prevent back and muscle pains.

  1. Cover All Safety Aspects

You must cover all the safety aspects that are necessary to make a smooth camping trip for the older members of your family. Someone should always be there to keep an eye on the elderlies. All the necessary medications should be carried along to avoid any health complications. You must make sure you are aware of the nearest 24-hour clinic or hospital in case of any emergency. Concerns about accessibility and mobility should be addressed.

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  1. Recruit a Caregiver

It is best if you can hire a caregiver who will always be there to take care of the aged family members in your camping group. You can participate in different activities like hiking, trekking, skiing, etc., without worrying about leaving them alone. A caregiver can also take care of other requirements of the elderly persons, like providing them timely medications to helping them with their meals. You will have fewer things to worry about.

  1. Choose RV Camping Over Tent Camping

Go on a RV camping trip instead of camping in tents. Take your RV with you as it will provide the much needed ease and comfort. There are even campgrounds which provide extra facilities for the elderly to make their camping trip worthwhile. You can find out campgrounds where RVers can camp against minimal or no fees.

  1. Be Extra Patient

When you are bringing aged persons with you for camping, you have to be extremely patient. You cannot expect to carry out the activities at your pace. You have to give that extra effort, prepare likewise and work more in such cases. All your efforts will be worthwhile once you see their happy faces while they take in the beautiful surroundings of the campground.

  1. Plan Your Activities Keeping Them in Mind

While planning your activities during the camping trip, you must keep the fact in mind that the elderlies are there with you. Plan your hiking or fishing activities accordingly, even though they might not participate, their needs should be considered. You cannot be away from them for too long even if they are under a caregiver’s watch.

So, take your grandparents or parents out of their monotonous life and let them also enjoy the beauty of nature with a camping trip.

What’s your take on this? Do you love to take elder members of your family on a camping trip? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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