What NOT To Bring In your RV Camping Trip?

RV Camping Trip

Before leaving for an RV camping trip, it is natural to have a checklist with the things you need to bring along with you. While you are getting ready for your trip by collecting the items you are going to take, you must also be aware of what NOT to take with you. Often RVers end up bringing things which take up unnecessary space and add weight. They might not be of actual use during the trip.

To help you avoid such a situation, some items have been listed out here which you must avoid bringing on your camping trip. Check them out:

  • Bulky Cooking Devices

You might be a big foodie and love cooking but RV is not your place to show off your culinary skills. So, avoid carrying heavy cooking devices like coffee maker, special waffle iron, etc. to your RV camping trip. A few pots and pans and serving plates for each crew member will be enough to have a healthy meal during your RV camping trip.

  • Overstuffed Canned Foods

You might feel the need of stuffing your RV with canned foods during your camping trip. If you are one of those who like to pack extra food while they are traveling, you need to cut out that habit during RVing. It is fruitless to pack up your RV with extra canned foods, when in reality you are not going to need them at all. Before going for an RV trip, make an estimate of what you will actually need and then go for grocery shopping.

  • Water in Water Tanks

While this might seem absurd, it is actually true. Water is heavy and carrying around fresh water in the water tanks of your RV could prove to be bulkier for you. Even if you fill half of the tank, it will add unnecessary pounds to your travel. You could carry necessary items if you lose that extra weight from your RV. That doesn’t mean you should completely do away with water. Keep a small level of water. If you are going for a dry camping trip, you will have no other choice than to fill up the entire tank with fresh water. Otherwise you could just connect the water tank of your RV with the campground’s water supply.

  • Extra Tools

You might be a hands-on RV owner with keen interest in servicing your rigs. However, there must be a limit to the number of tools you carry with you while going on a camping trip. A basic tool kit is okay and it won’t take up much space in your RV. Even a duct tape is good. However, if you are thinking of carrying an entire set of inventories which takes up valuable space, you will be in big trouble. It is better to leave behind your collection of socket wrenches, ball pine hammer and other tools in your home. Tools which you do not know how to use and the ones which you think won’t be of real help should be kept at home.

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  • Extra Storage

You might want to add extra storage space in your RV with roof-mounted storage, hitch-mounted bin for extra storage, auxiliary trailer, etc. However, it is not recommended to fill up those extra storage spaces to their full capacity. Using them might lead to many difficulties like worsened aerodynamics, time consuming loading and off-loading of the items and more.

  • Firewood

It is useless to bring your own firewood when you are out on an RV camping trip. It might save you money and hassle of finding firewood in your camping location, but it will also add to the weight. Your RV will also get dirty with wet splinters.

  • Office Work

Carrying your workload on a camping trip is a big no-no. You are going out on a vacation to have a fun time with your friends or family. So, why waste it by carrying your work with you? Leave your office behind and enjoy your RV camping trip to the fullest, away from all tension and pressure.

  • Bad Behavior

Leave your bad behavior behind. It is no fun to be in a grumpy mood and go on a vacation. Those who are going out with you on the trip will feel irritated with your behavior. If you are driving and muttering under your breath or shouting at your kids to get things done on time, you will spoil all the fun. So leave your bad mood behind and make the most out of your camping trip.

These are some of the things you must not bring in your RV camping trip if you want to enjoy your camping time.  

What do you do while camping? Can you offer any other items which should not be on an RV camper? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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