25 Ultimate Camping Hacks to Bail You Out in Emergency

Ultimate Camping Hacks to save you

Camping is one of the most favorite pastimes of many people. It gives you the opportunity to get closer to nature. When you go on a camping trip you learn many things while trying to find out what really works and what doesn’t. It is a vacation with the most basic things. Your experience, be it good or bad will itself teach you how to survive camping.

There might be many situations where you have to deal with an emergency with the fundamental things you have with you.

Here are some easy camping hacks which might turn out to be a life savior in times of need. They have been discovered with trial and error method and if you find yourself in a critical situation while camping, you could try them out.

  • Your Watch could be your Compass

In case you get lost, your watch could help you get back on the right path. Hold your watch with 12 o’clock at the left. The hour hand should be pointing the sun. The area which is midway between 12 and the hour hand will point to the south direction. If you follow daylight saving time, don’t forget to deduct one hour from the hour hand.

  • Use Cardboard for Quick Fire

When you prepare for your camping trip, stock some cardboard and soak them in wax. Put them in a small tin can and light them up when you are in short of firewood. This will make for a quick tinder bundle.

  • Use Duct Tape to Close Wounds

If someone gets badly hurt while camping and is bleeding profusely, use a duct tape to hold that wound closed. If there is no immediate medical assistance, strips of duct tape can work wonders in closing the wound. You need to use the strips of duct tape and use it along the length of the gash. These will turn as DIY butterfly stitches.

  • Use Bandanas in Different Cases

Your favorite old bandana can turn out to be helpful in many ways at times of emergency. You can use it as a flag for help, if you get lost. You can cover your mouth to keep away any harmful smoke during emergency. If you desperately need water, you can use it to absorb dew.

In the early morning, when dew drops are over the grass, you can use the bandana to absorb the dew. Wring it in a container or directly in your mouth. The collected water is pure enough to drink.

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  • Use Panty Hose to Fight Hypothermia

If you are going on a winter camping trip, you need to be very careful. If you do not dress appropriately for the cold, you can be at risk of hypothermia. Panty hose can act as a helpful way to fight hypothermia. They can be worn as a base layer under your pants to keep you warm.

Before you head out to the woods, make sure you buy ample amount of panty hose.

  • Aluminum Foil could Turn AAA batteries into AA

A thin strip of aluminum foil can help you immensely. You can crumple the foil or a foil gum wrapper and insert it in the space where the negative terminals of your battery connect. If the foil is used in considerable quantity, the AAA batteries can work as AA batteries and your device will turn on. For instance, if your flashlight dies and you don’t have proper batteries, you could use this technique.

  • Water Jug or Clear Soda Bottle as Lamp

You can use a jug of water or a clear soda bottle to create an emergency lantern in case of a blackout. You can strap an LED headlamp around the jug or bottle with the light facing inward. This will magnify the source of the light and your tent will be lit properly.

  • Light up Fire with Lint and Petroleum Jelly

If you want to make a fire, start the fire with an easy fuel-extender. Use a cotton ball or roll up lint in a ball and soak it in petroleum jelly. You can also use any lip balm which is petroleum-jelly-based. You can then light up the ball and see how the flames start.

  • Use Toilet Paper As an Emergency Cast

If your hand gets sprained or fractured while you are out on a camping trip and there is no medical help nearby, you can create an emergency cast. All you need is toilet paper and duct tape. Wrap the broken or sprained arm in toilet paper and use duct tape to make a temporary cast or splint. The arm will be safe for the time being and will get much needed support with the cast. You can also use paper towels instead of toilet paper.

  • Waterproofing Shoes with Lip Balm or Grocery Bags

You can make your shoes waterproof in two ways. You can either use lip balm or plastic bags.

Lip balms are wax or petroleum-based. By applying lip balm on the seams of your leather shoes, you can keep the water away from your feet.

If you want to use plastic bags, use grocery or garbage bags to put them over your shoes. You can use duct tape to keep them in place even while you are moving. You can camp away happily without worrying about your feet getting soaked even when it’s raining heavily.  

  • Making your Kitchen Matches Waterproof

Your standard kitchen matches can be turned waterproof. All you need to do is dip all the matches in the box in shellac. By coating the matches in shellac you don’t have to worry about soggy matches if its starts raining while you are camping. You can light them up without any difficulty.

  • Lighting up Easily with Sandpaper

You can glue some sandpaper to the lid of a plastic box for lighting up the matches easily. You can empty all the matches from the match box and place them in that plastic box.  Now you can use the sandpaper to light up the matches. You don’t have to worry about the box getting soaked in rain and the matches not lighting up when required. This is a very easy hack.

  • Sage and Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil as Mosquito Repellants

You can put some sage in your campfire to keep away the mosquitoes. The smell of the burnt sage keeps away these pests.

Another easy mosquito repellant can be Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil. Apply it on your skin and you can keep away the mosquitoes.

  • Keep Ticks at Bay with Cotton Balls and Liquid Soap

If ticks disturb you while you are camping, you can keep them at bay with an easy solution. Use cotton balls and soak them in liquid soap or dish soap. Place the soaked balls over the tick for 20 seconds. The tick will stop chewing and will come off with the cotton ball eventually.

If the tick was on your skin for a long time, you can keep it in a container to test it later for Lyme disease.

  • Greasy Potato Chips or Corn Chips as Emergency Fire Starter

You can grab a bag of greasy corn chips or potato chips to use it as fire starter during any emergency. You can light up the chips and they can start the fire easily. Just be careful when you are lighting them up.

  • Turn a Tin Can into a Stove

You can use an aluminum cat food can or any other small tin can and turn it into a cook stove. You can use your knife to cut out holes in the can, add denatured alcohol and you will get a small flame in the can. Your tin can will turn into a stove and you can cook your meals or stay warm with it.

  • Tic Tac Containers as Spices/Ingredient Holders

Instead of throwing away your Tic Tac containers, you can keep them and use it while camping. They can be handy carriers for spices or other ingredients when you have limited space in your backpack. With these containers and the spices in it, you won’t have to compromise on your tasty food.

  • DIY Hot Shower

You can make a shower yourself when you are out in the wilderness. Fill a bag with water and place it in the sun. You can create a hole in the bag or use a tube and hang it from a branch of a nearby tree. Your hot shower is ready. You can also use it to wash dishes.  

You can also buy a solar shower and carry it with you.

  • Cooking with a Candle

Yes if emergency arises, you can use your plain candle to cook a simple food. For instance, you can warm instant oatmeal over a candle flame. This will be possible only if the container you are using is small and the heat is evenly distributed. The right flame can give the perfect cooking temperature and simple food items can be cooked easily.

  • Use Garbage Bags to Collect Water

If you are in shortage of water, which can be a common problem during camping, you can collect water in different ways. Tying a garbage bag around shrubs or green leafy vegetables can give you some water. If you leave it overnight, you will see some water has collected in the bag.

  • Eating weeds during Emergencies

If it so happens that you get lost and have no food left with you, do not panic. You can eat weeds like yellow wood sorrel or dandelions which are safe to eat. But make sure you do not start eating any other unknown weeds as it may make you sick.

  • Using Foils to Cook Over Campfires

You can cook over the hot coals of campfires by wrapping the food items you want to eat, with aluminum foils. Place them over the coals and your food will be cooked in no time. Be alert so that your food does not get burnt.

When cooking meat, you can wrap it in cabbage. The moistness in the cabbage will act as a barrier to the heat and cook the meat without burning.

  • Ice Cubes in a Thermos or Bowl

If you lose power and the emergency escalates, you might have problem in getting water. So, by pouring ice cubes in a bowl or thermos you can melt the ice and get safe drinking water. You will get water even during emergencies.

  • Water Filter with Old Water Bottle

Instead of carrying your water purifier with you, why not create a makeshift water filter? You just need an old water bottle, some rocks, green leaves and charcoal from a fire. Put a mesh of cloth in the mouth of the water bottle through which the purified water can be collected. Charcoal is a good water purifier and with this system you will easily get filtered water.

  • Pack Toothpaste in Drops instead of the Tube

Space shortage is one problem you will face while packing your camping essentials. So, it is better to find out ways in which you can use minimal space for each item. Instead of taking the whole tube of toothpaste, you can carry small drops of it in a plate. You have to start early for this.

Dry the drops over 3 days. Once they are dry put baking soda on them and pack the plate in bags which can be resealed.

If you are going camping for one night, you can put the toothpaste on your toothbrush and use a plastic wrap to cover it.

And here are some more hacks for you…

  • Break the eggs and put them in a water bottle. You can carry around eight eggs in one liter bottle. You can save space and time and you don’t even have to carry a whisk.
  • If you get bitten by bugs or insects, you can apply deodorant to decrease the itchiness.
  • Carry cheese and eat it as long as you want. This dairy product will last unrefrigerated for at least one week.
  • If you are taking your pets with you and you feel cold at night, you can cuddle with them. You will definitely feel warm.

These are some hacks which could actually save your life at times of need. Apply these hacks and have a happy camping.

Do you have any hacks which you have tried while camping? Which of the above did you like the best? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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