11 Amazing Camping Games You and Your Kids can Play

Camping Games for kids

Your camping experience can be made into a more fulfilling one when you spend your time playing interesting games. Not only kids but also adults can equally have fun with different camping games. You can play adventure games, campfire games, playground games and ice breaking games, whichever you want.

Here are some games which you can play while you are out on a camping trip in the wilderness.

  1. Make Me Laugh

This game has a simple concept. You have to make people laugh but you cannot laugh yourself. There should be two teams if you are camping in large group. A person from one team should take the seat and another team should try to make him/her laugh. That should be done in 2 minutes. One individual or the entire team can try to make the opposing team’s player to laugh. There should be no touching. No one can make fun or be mean to the other team.

If the person laughs or shows his/her teeth, he/she is out. If not, a point is earned for the player’s team.

  1. Truth Or Dare

This is a very popular game which is played in different gatherings. So, it’s quite obvious that when you are out camping, you will definitely like to play this game. The game involves players asking questions to one another and they have to choose from either truth or dare. If they choose truth, they have to give answers to embarrassing questions truthfully. If they skip giving answer, they have to perform a dare, which is equally embarrassing. Once that is complete, the person will ask “Truth or Dare?” to another player and continue the game.

  1. Telephone

This is an old game, yet a very hilarious one. One person whispers a short message to the person sitting beside. That same message has to be quietly whispered to the next person and so on. The fun is when the secret message is passed around the group and the last person announces it to the entire group. While passing on the messages, errors arise and the end message becomes hilarious.

  1. Name That Tune

If you have a musician in your group, you can have him/her play a song. Others have to find out what the tune is and name it. The one to do so first is the winner. If there is no musician, you can simply use an MP3 player with mini speakers. The game can be fun if the tunes are known to all. Otherwise it can turn out to be boring, with only selected people guessing the tunes.

  1. The Winking Assassin

This game is perfect for a campfire setting. All of the players have to close their eyes, except one. The person who is predetermined to be the Godfather will keep his eyes open and will secretly tap on the shoulders of one of the players. The player then becomes the assassin. He winks at the players and kills them off one at a time. However, he must wink without the others seeing him. As soon as someone is winked at, he/she must play dead. If someone sees the assassin winking and says “he’s the winker!” the game is over. If someone guesses wrong, he/she is out of the game.

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  1. Two Truths and a Lie

The game involves each player sharing three facts about themselves; two of them are true, while one is a lie. The other players have to guess which one is the lie. The game will be fun if you get creative and share experiences which are unbelievable.

  1. I Can Tap This Stick Just Right

This might sound silly at first but if played well, it can be real fun. All you need to play this game is a stick or pencil to tap on the ground or hand. You have to clear your throat subtly and say this while tapping the item in hand “I can tap this (stick, pencil) just right.”

Pass the thing to the next person who has to try to do the same thing that you have done. The trick is clearing your throat first. How you tap the thing, does not actually matter. But others will notice how hard you are tapping it or the position of your fingers on the stick. It takes time to catch on the clearing of throat.

As people gradually get the secret, the game will narrow down.

  1. There Once Was a Skunk

This game is simply a story telling game with a little twist. Someone in the group might start the story by telling “There once was a skunk who…” and finish it like they want. The person then points to another who has to continue with the storytelling by starting a new sentence with “Fortunately…” the next person has to spin a new sentence starting it with “Unfortunately…” Continue it as long as you can, alternating the sentences with “fortunately” and “unfortunately”.

  1. Frog

Sit in a circle around the campfire and start this game. Kids will love this game more. First player has to say ONE FROG, the second has to say 2 EYES, the third has to say 4 LEGS, the fourth has to say IN THE PUDDLE, the fifth says KER-PLOP. This will continue with two frogs, three frogs and so on. See how many frogs you can adjust without making a mistake.

  1. Mosquito Bites

Use a sheet of red dot stickers and give it to each player. The stickers look like mosquito bites. As you continue camping, the goal is to give “mosquito bites” to other players and get rid of your stickers. Place the stickers secretly on other players. If you get caught, you will get another sticker from the other player along with your own. The first player who gets rid of the stickers is the winner.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Nature walk is an important part of camping and what better way to enjoy nature than a scavenger hunt. Create a checklist and give it to your kids. As they find them out along their walk, they check the items off. You can encourage them to take pictures as a keepsake instead of disturbing the things.

Here are some ideas that you could use in your checklist- a feather, a maple seed whirligig, a bird’s nest, a rock shaped like a heart, a pinecone, a red leaf, a green leaf and a yellow leaf, moss, a frog, a slug, a fish, a snail, a flying insect, a worm, animal tracks, a crawling insect, a mushroom, a flower, a squirrel, a very tiny pebble, a deer and something purple.

Play these amazing games and turn your camping into a fun-filled experience.

What about you? Which games do you play while camping? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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