15 Cool Ideas to Have a Successful Camping Birthday Party

Camping Birthday Party

A birthday party can be made more fun and exciting with different ideas. If you are looking for different ideas to throw a memorable birthday party for your kids, you could try out a camping birthday party. You can either take all the kids to real campgrounds or make your backyard a makeshift campground. Your kids and their friends will have an amazing time.

Here are some cool ideas which you can follow to have a successful birthday camping party:

  1. Welcome Sign

Instead of using balloons as a popular way of decorating your birthday, it is better to put up a welcome sign for your campers. They will get the perfect welcome to a birthday camping party.

You can have hand-painted or printed signs like “Welcome to Camp Luke”, where Luke is the name of the birthday boy.

  1. Campfire Songs

There are classic campfire songs with which you can entertain your campers. Spread joy with these songs and see how your camping birthday party turns into a successful and eventful one.

  1. Invitation

You can send out unique invitation cards for the little campers who are going to attend your kids’ birthday party. A camping themed invitation which mentions hot dogs, s’mores and bonfire can just be the right type of card to be sent as invites.

  1. Party Food

An important part of your kids’ birthday is food. When you are catering to kids, you have to be extremely careful about the food you are serving. You can dish up recipes related to camping. S’mores, baked dishes, and other tasty treats can make the party a yummy one. You can label the food items with funny tags to make the party even more interesting.

  1. Scavenger Hunts

Camping cannot be complete without scavenger hunts. If they are a part of birthday parties, they will be a big hit. Have a nature themed hunt where you give a list to each kid and leave them to collect the things from nature. You can get explorer packs and give them to every kid. Hats, binoculars, a local map guide can be a part of these packs.

  1. Camping Set Up

You can set up tents where you are hosting the birthday party. It might be in your backyard or in a real campground. Keep the number of invited guests in mind and set up tents accordingly. You can arrange for two people in one tent.

  1. Decoration

When you are hosting a camping birthday party, conventional decorations should not be there. Instead of using ribbons and balloons in your décor, you must choose something which goes with the camping theme. Having patchwork pillows with scout badges in your tent can lend to the camping theme. Pinecones, logs, etc. can also be used as a part of the birthday decorations.

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  1. Trail Mix Station

You can place trail mix station, which your campers can use to build their own trail mix. The guests can fill their own party favor bags with the mix they want to take back home. This will cause the guests to leave in a happier spirit.

  1. Custom Party Favors

You can send your guests home with party favors which are customized for them. You can stamp their names on standard camp lunch bags. The bags could include trail mix packets or s’more kits. These bags will definitely be a hit among the campers.

  1. Guiding Signs

To keep the little campers from wandering into unknown locations, keep bright signs showing the direction to their tents. You can make these signs yourself with fabric. Use bright colors so that they are visible from a distance.

  1. Special Outfits

You can have T-shirts created personally for each camper. This will get them in the mood for camping. They will have double the fun of birthday and camping.

  1. Flashlights Ready

For the kids, dark can be scary sometimes. You can decorate the camping areas with glow sticks or you can have flashlights handy. With the flashlights, kids can explore even in the dark without any fear.

  1. Campfire Ideas

You can arrange small tree stumps and place them around campfires or fire pits. If you don’t want to have the risk of lighting up a fire, you can create artificial campfires in an unconventional way. You can place a pile of hoola hoops and make a temporary campfire.

  1. Activities

When a kid’s birthday party is arranged, can it be without activities? In case of camping birthday party, the activities are more. You can let kids compete against each other and gather as many color balls as they can. You can also arrange their participation in a game where they have to hide from “dangerous animals” by running under a parachute and other campers have to make the parachute rise and fall. You can also make them collect old leaves from different plants and rub them in their crafts-book to create the shapes.

  1. S’more Stations

Kids will simply love these stations. You can place different kinds of s’mores in the station and let them choose anything they want. They will surely have a gala time and enjoy to their fullest.

These are some ideas that you can follow to have a fun filled camping birthday party for your kids. The guests as well as your kids will undoubtedly have an amazing time.

What do you do to keep the campers happy in birthday parties? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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