10 Unconventional Items You Must Take to Your Camping Trip

accessories for Camping Trip

Your camping trip can be a much simpler and easier one, provided you have the right items with you. There are many products in the market which can alter your camping experience and make it a better one.

Here are some unconventional items which you can carry with you on your next camping trip:

  1. All-in-One Stove

The ETA Lite all-in-one stove is perfect if you are planning a solo trip. With a lower burner compared to others, this stove is lighter, compact and more stable. The suggested fuel amounts of this stove make it a reasonable and popular choice. You can buy it here.

  1. Inflatable Solar Light

This is powered by the sun and can be inflated easily. You can pack it easily in your backpack. It is eco-friendly, lightweight, waterproof and rechargeable.  You can easily see through anything in the woods with this light. Get it from here.

  1. Autoflow Microfilter

The Autoflow Gravity Microfilter combines storage, filtration and collection of water in a single system without any pump. The water filter features power of gravity and is extremely fast. It can filter up to 1.75 liters every minute without even one pump stroke. You can get it here.

  1. Portable Kitchen Sink

Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink is your portable kitchen sink that you can carry with you while camping. It has a unique design and the sink is kept in place with a stainless steel stiffening ring. The base is broader than top, so use it without the fear of water tipping over. It comes in different sizes. Get it here.

  1. Expedition Tool Kit

This tool kit is perfect for those who are travelling in the wilderness. The kit contains tweezers, a can opener, digital clock with barometer, timer, alarm and thermometer, screwdriver, flashlight, sharpening stone, magnifying lens, compass, scissors, etc. Buy it from here.

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  1. Waterproof Gas Lighter

You will need to light up a fire for many reasons when you are camping. A waterproof gas lighter with gas lock will ensure that you can have a hot meal after a tiring day of hiking. The gas lock enables the lighter to stay on without you clutching the gas button. Get it here.

  1. Ultra-light Drip Coffee Maker

This coffee maker comes in an ultra-compact design which sits under a regular fuel cartridge. It weighs less than half an ounce.  It can be used with any mug and the drip cone needs to be placed over the already brewed coffee. Buy it from here.

  1. Star Target

With this star target, you will be able to learn the location of bright stars, constellations, star clusters, nebulas and more. You can find your way to your camp by learning the directions of the stars. Get it here.

  1. Spork and Knife Set

Get a knife, spoon and fork- all in one set. You can slice, scoop and poke food items as you like. These three items nest together, saving space and helping you to pack easily. You can also clean it easily. It is heat resistant, dishwasher and boil safe. You can buy it from here.

  1. Collapsible Cooking Pots

Carrying bulky cooking pots might be difficult when you are camping out. With collapsible cooking pots, this problem is solved easily. With Sea to Summit X-Pot, you will get the heat-distribution of aluminum. With the flexibility of silicone, cooking performance is improved. Get it from here.

These are some of the unconventional products that you can carry in your next camping trip. You can pack light yet get all the necessary items.

What about you? Do you know about any other similar products? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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